Parking and Planning Pressure

by Tony Vickers on 17 March, 2013

Many of you signed the petition against extending the on-street parking charges. In case you haven’t heard, at the District Council’s last meeting (where the budget and Council Tax were set for next year) my colleague Cllr Roger Hunneman handed in the petition with over 1700 names, from across the town. This included residents and […]

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Homelessness in Newbury

by Tony Vickers on 26 March, 2012

As the commercial centre of West Berkshire District, Newbury has all the facilities everyone needs for quality of life. Or – in the case of the homeless – to keep alive! Almost every agency in “the system” that can make life bearable for the poor and vulnerable has an office here. So District councillors like me, […]

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Why a Car Club for Newbury?

by Tony Vickers on 6 February, 2012

Why is a Car Club good for Newbury? Who will use it? Will it ease parking problems, or congestion on our roads? When the planning application for 1500 new homes at Newbury Racecourse came before councillors on the Planning Committee, I was the one who proposed that the application be approved. I only did so because […]

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Last Day of Last Chance to Save Sandleford

by Tony Vickers on 15 December, 2011

For two months, the Core Strategy has dominated my Council work. I am about to submit my Group’s response to the set of consultations on the future spatial planning of Newbury & West Berkshire that the Inspector demanded this summer, after suspending the Examination in Public of the Council’s proposals a second time. The reason […]

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Sandleford: the WRONG Solution

by Tony Vickers on 16 November, 2011

I have prepared a couple of documents which might help anyone considering responding to the Council’s latest Core Strategy Consultation. It is not easy to do – so there’s a Campaign Group forming to help coordinate efforts. This is non-party. Amended Appx 8 Newbury site selection  is one. It compares the sustainability criteria of North Newbury […]

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If not Sandleford, then where – for homes?

by Tony Vickers on 2 November, 2011

At last night’s Special Full Council meeting, to approve a “revised” Sustainability Appraisal for the Core Strategy (where West Berkshire’s new homes should go), I led the case for “STOP SANDLEFORD”, i.e. getting as many homes on previously developed land instead of green fields. Whatever way it goes, we agree with the Tories that it […]

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Joke “Two Horse Race” Newbury Labour leaflet

by Tony Vickers on 2 May, 2011

Party politics has hit a new low in Newbury, thanks to Labour. Today I was handed a leaflet by a friend who knows a thing or two about how the parties fare round here – and knows Labour is talking rubbish. He’d been given it by a Labour person hanging around the Carfty Craft Race […]

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AV – an end to “two horse race” rubbish!

by Tony Vickers on 2 May, 2011

The leaflet sent out by the “NO to AV” campaign to all households in the country a while ago contains outright lies and attacks my Party Leader, Nick Clegg. In several radio and TV broadcasts since then, the lies and attacks have been repeated. As the Vice Chair of the local Lib Dems and a lifelong […]

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Speen Moors Walk

by Tony Vickers on 22 April, 2011

getting ready to take the Plenty’s bridge to the scrapyard I suppose I’m largely to blame for the destruction of this unique landmark in Newbury 5 years ago. But destroying this piece of local heritage made it possible for many more people to enjoy a variety of other pieces of local heritage: natural, social, engineering […]

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Shame on the long-term empty home owners

by Tony Vickers on 14 April, 2011

Something that has always angered me is waste of valuable land. When a site also has a house already on it, lying empty for 14 years, it is a disgrace. So I was glad to help residents of Westbourne Terrace, off Pelican Lane, faced for years with the blight that an uncared-for vacant property places on […]

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